Wainando Yoga Retreat

Yin Yoga – Meditation.

May 7 – 14, 2021

Surrounded by orange trees, wild herbs and grapevines, relax with yoga and meditation. Let yourself be inspired and relax on all levels!
Yoga vacation in Sicily: time to relax

You have a week all to yourself to get into the flow and let your “prana”, your life energy dance. Your yoga teachers put together exercises to bring the energy into every cell and balance. The goal: after this week with new strength, full of harmony and easy to float back into everyday life.
Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Yin Yoga:

Together with like-minded people, you start the day with a dynamic yoga session every morning. Powerful hatha yoga exercises await you, which merge seamlessly into one another. Body and breath combine so that you can feel the unity of body and mind. In the evening, devote yourself to calm yin postures that will help you find restful sleep. In mantra meditation, you listen to beautiful sounds that open your heart and clear your head.
Afternoon for free design:

In the afternoon you have a lot of free time that you can use as you please. You can book a relaxing massage to loosen the muscles, straighten yourself up and center. You can also discuss current topics in a coaching session to gain new perspectives and find solutions. But of course you can also just lie in the sun, go for a walk on the beach and enjoy life.
A seminar day …

… can look very different. Here is an example of a possible daily routine:
08:00 Yoga & meditation
10:00 breakfast together
11:00 – 16:30 free time / massages / coaching / beach / own excursions
17:00 Yoga & mantra meditation
19:00 dinner together

The yoga retreat in Sicily could be right for you if you:

Italy, the sea and “La Dolce Vita” love
want to enjoy the warm late spring in Sicily
need a little break and want to regenerate
want to learn to consciously relax with yoga and meditation
want to be inspired

Mediterranean holiday flair in Sicily

The best time to travel to Sicily begins in May: the thermometer often climbs to 20 ° C or higher and the swimming season is already open. The sun shines an average of nine hours a day and there are only three rainy days on average throughout the month. The poppies cover the meadows like red carpets and a warm breeze comes from the sea.

Sicily is a melting pot of ancient cultures that have left their mark everywhere. Dilapidated Greek temples are surrounded by pine trees, Roman amphitheaters look out over rough cliffs to the sea. An inspiring environment to look inside!

In your free time you can take a walk on the beach and refresh yourself in the sea. Or take a trip to the nearby town of Marsala. Here the wind whizzes through old avenues and past even older churches that revive the past.

These yoga teachers will accompany you:


For any questions, please contact:

Phone: +49 (0) 9571 92 99 00


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About Svenja Schäfer

She has been a yoga teacher with body and soul for six years. Supporting people to bring more light into this world is their greatest intention. Svenja believes in a peaceful, easy and conscious life. In addition to her yoga classes, she offers spiritual massages, energy healing and workshops. With the new yoga center “Yoga Village” she is fulfilling a long-standing dream. She is looking forward to accompanying even more people on their way soon.

About Katja Schendel

She turned her passion into a profession in 2017 to accompany people on their way. As a life coach, yoga teacher and bodywork therapist, she wants to make physical, mental and mental well-being accessible to everyone. It supports people in finding solutions for current topics with ease and joy. In her podcast SanftMut, she gives suggestions for training mindfulness and getting started full of energy. “Powerful” means not only “tough and rational”, but above all “gentle, loving and relaxed”.

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