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The Art Of Us Retreating Sicily

September 7 – 14, 2024

Join Kat and Katie for their first time in Sicily where you’ll play with practices that create a sense of feeling grounded and joyful, and to explore the space in between. (the art of you)

Kat and Katie are the founders of TAOU studio. Kat’s classes are filled with creativity, joy, and metaphors, as she likes to say “She is your backseat driver along the journey with you”.
Katie’s classes are juicy, grounding, along side the smoothest playlist you’ll ever hear. Each morning you can indulge and fill your cups up with a fiery practice that includes movement, meditation and pranayama. The evening classes will be taught with Kat and Katie taking you through a deeply restorative journey with massage to relax and restore for the night!
Celebrating each evening with a sustainable and locally sourced veg menu, local wine and dinner conversation.


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Taou Studio Yoga
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Taou Studio Yoga Richmond, VA

TAOU is a movement, creative arts and wellness studio dedicated to providing a community space to explore the self through various movement and artistic lenses. Our vision is to provide a non-judgmental, safe environment where creativity, community and body awareness are brought together as one.

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