“The first time we entered the garden of the house, disentangling ourselves from the weeds and cactuses, although it was all abandoned, destroyed and covered with weeds, we felt that the home welcomed us, we fallen in love and wanted to breathe new life into this place and made us to dedicate our life to this Sicilian new adventure.”

– The Founders –

The process

Respect to the environment and sustainable living are the key words of the restoration project. During the renovation we worked with local artisans and used only natural and local products.
We tried to keep all the rooms more or less like they were, we wanted to respect the authentic Sicilian style. All our marbles are Sicilian, the colors used to paint the wall were made by Sicilian grounds and natural lime.

You will find authentic doors, windows, floors and wardrobes, have all been restored with our attention and passion.
All the floors of the house are in authentic 18th century Sicilian tiles, made and decorated exclusively by hand.
We removed these tiles, recovered one by one, cleaned and reassembled them in their original decoration pattern with maniacal precision, we felt responsibility to save the house as possible as we could.