It is the thought evolved from the necessity to manage interactions between human-constructed systems and natural ecosystems in a sustainable way. We continually strives to move to reach the proper balance and support within our own community, being conscious that these efforts can have far reaching effects beyond Sicily, where we are. The following actions we undertak to make sure we constantly move in that direction.

Waste Management

• We have a Solid Waste Management Plan as established by the Law for Integrated Waste Management in Marsala.
• We actively participate and promote the Municipal Recycling Program, which allows us to adequately dispose of the majority of our recyclables.
• All our organic wastes are used in the production of compost, which is in turn used to enrich the soil of our vegetable gardens.
• We avoid at maximum print documents, internal communication is made through technologies such as smart phones and chats.
• We are using biodegradable cleaning products and reusable containers for soap, shampoo and rinse throughout the house.


• Access to the fountain for purified water, which is installed purifier machine.
• A couple of glass bottles to refill are provided to avoid the use of plastic.
• A system of treatment wastewater was implemented. Through biological filtration we process our wastewater making it possible to bring it back to nature in the most responsible and decontaminated way.
• An irrigation system allows us to use the water from the well in our gardens. We don’t use drinkable water for irrigation.
• We encourage our guests and visitors to cooperate with the proper use of water through their stay in houses and common areas.


• We invite guests to enjoy the natural light to open the windows and breath the refreshing sea breeze.
• We have solar heaters for hot water.
• Bulbs and energy efficient equipment is used throughout the property in the houses.
• Eco-friendly and efficient A/C and cooler equipment have been installed.
• Our mission is to become self sufficient in next few years.