Nalu Yoga Studio

Yoga + Art Retreat in Sicily

August 24 – 31, 2024

Come with us and experience that lasting sense of deep peace, joy and genuine sharing as well as the fortune of being able to spend an alternative holiday that will benefit body and soul.

We will practice yoga among the vineyards, the salt pans and the sea, we will express our creativity with a ceramic workshop and obviously we will explore the beautiful corners of authentic western Sicily together.

Imagine looking out the window and seeing the sun setting on the horizon behind the mills, with the Egadi islands in the distance. He dreams of spending the day on the beach in front of a crystal clear sea after a regenerating yoga practice and a rich Sicilian breakfast. Think of a week during which you don’t have to rush or manage the stress that often characterizes August holidays in Italy.

In our Escape, as always, there is space for you, for your holiday and for new friendships.


For any questions, please contact:

Nalu Yoga Studio
Milano, MI
Ph: +39 380 1020864

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Nalu Yoga Studio Milano, MI

Every Nalu Escape is a precious opportunity to reset our system, a gift for the soul which, through yoga, will allow you to return home more joyful and lighter. When we are relaxed and open to experience, when we find ourselves immersed in such magical places and accompanied by like-minded people, the practice can bring unexpected gifts.

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