Janna Herberg

Voice of the Womb Retreat

August 24 – 31, 2024

Voice of the Womb is devoted to the art of feminine creation and sensual embodiment. This is a journey of unfoldment and connection to the seat of our feminine essence & power – our womb space. The intention of Voice of the Womb Retreat is to develop a deeper, healthier and loving connection with the voice of our wombs and ultimately: with ourselves. The greatest power a woman possesses to create on all levels lies within this space. Apart from creating life itself this power can also be tapped in the birth of projects, careers, personal healing, spirituality and relationships.
A big part of this process and of utmost importance to us is creating a safe, grounded and nourishing container for women to come together in sisterhood. A space free from judgement, comparison and jealousy. A space that supports vulnerability, celebration, co-creation and upliftment. If this resonates with you please take the time to read through the Retreat descriptions & activities below and feel if it’s calling you. Janna takes the time to speak with each retreat interest in person during a call before proceeding with the final registration.
All our love,
Janna & Carla

– Farm to table nourishment
– Yoni Yoga & Tantra Yoga
– Lotus & Liquid Yoga Flow
– Womb Breathwork
– Sensual Psychedelic Breath®
– Creative Yoni Flower Art Class
– Awaken the Senses – Sensual Alchemy Class
– Cord Cutting Fire Ceremony
– Womb Clearing Practices
– Feminine Lineage Healing Rituals
– Element Dance Ceremony
– Cacao, Mantra & Chanting Circle
– Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony
– Sicilian Cooking Class

– Cultivate a deeper connection with your womb space
– Learn more about your womb as a source of wisdom and creativity
– Learn to embrace the different phases of your moon cycle
– Daily gentle somatic movement practices focused on releasing tension in hips, shoulders and jaw
– Learn simple & gentle practices to help you regulate your nervous system and restore balance & calm
– Be lovingly held and supported by a group of like-minded women
– Stay in a charming, historic Sicilian property from the 18th hundreds, lovingly restored and maintained overlooking the sea

What to expect
7 Nights completely immersed in beautiful Sicilian nature along with the blue Mediterranean sea, surrounded by antique salt pans, vineyards, and olive groves.
Enjoy wholesome, nourishing vegetarian meals. Daily farm to table meals grown & prepared with much love by a local Sicilian chef. The location is fully involved in the production of the food that is being served. The food is local, with most of the produce coming from either the property or a nearby farm.
Our mornings will start slow & intentional with journaling in silence before we have Sicilian breakfast (on the days we have Yoga we will have a Yoga practice before breakfast). There is a focus on slow, nourishing living. That way our nervous system is relaxed & balanced and we are more open & receptive while immersing in the deeper & transformational parts of the Retreat program.
Each day we will focus on Divine Feminine teachings & elemental rituals and practices.
Every other day starts with a Yoga practice (4 Yoga sessions in total). We will rotate between Yoni Yoga, Lotus Yoga Flow, Liquid Yoga Flow and Tantra Yoga.
Janna is going to guide a Womb Breathwork Journey that helps you connect, release and shift unexpressed emotions and clear blocks in the womb. Carla is going to guide you through a Sensual Psychedelic Breath® Journey.
Fall deeper in love with your most sacred temple – your yoni – during a yoni flower painting class. This is a really beautiful and empowering experience since many women were raised to feel a sense of shame around their yonis appearance. During this playful class you will have the chance to use your individual artistic expression and create a self yoni painting.
The body holds all our energetic imprints from past experiences and is our greatest inner authority. Learn to accept, embrace and love your body more fully and see it as your ally, guide and teacher.
Discover dance as a form of sacred ritual and how we can harness movement as medicine for soul, body and spirit.
Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony – Native to Ancient Egypt, the Blue Lotus Flower was considered sacred and to represent spiritual rebirth and life force energy. This flower was used in Temple Ceremonies for blessing, anointing, healing and meditation. The Blue Lotus Flower has balancing healing properties, particularly in the areas of circulation, immune system & reproductive organs. It nourishes, restores & rejuvenates our Chi (vital flowing energy), soothes the nervous system, and opens the pathways to inner vision.
Sensuality is not always connected to another person—we can be sensual by ourselves and also with others. Connect to your sensual, feminine self during a class especially curated to help you tap into all of your senses and re-engage with the world with new ignited curiosity, wonder, and enthusiasm.
Make authentic connections and friendships with women who are on a similar journey. Many of our participants stay connected even post Retreat.
This is an offline journey. We advice you to not bring any work on your laptop with you and there is a strict no phone rule during the healings, ceremonies, activities and meals.

Voice of the Womb is an invitation for all women who are resonating with the topic & program of this Retreat and who feel alignment with Janna’s & Carla’s teachings and approach.


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Janna Herberg


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Janna - Breathwork Teacher - Trauma-informed Facilitator - Womb Wellness

Janna is an experienced cert. Breathwork Facilitator and Retreat Host who has worked with hundreds of people all over the world. She is devoted to her own path of self exploration & awareness and in the past has overcome mental & physical challenges like depression and cancer. She believes that the body has incredible healing abilities and wisdom that we are able to tap into through somatic practices. As someone who has worked in the corporate world before and is a genuinely practical person she does this in a grounded and relatable way. One of her biggest passion & gift is creating sacred intimate spaces for souls to connect to, process and release suppressed emotions. She created Voice of the Womb Retreat especially for woman who have been experiencing challenges with connecting to their bodies & femininity, embracing feminine connections, struggling with their cycle & sexuality, expressing their needs & desires and setting healthy boundaries.

Carla - 800hrs Yoga Teacher - Psychedelic Breath® - Traditional Tantra

Carla is a 800hrs Yoga Teacher, Psychedelic Breath® Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner. She practices and teaches a more feminine, gentle and restorative approach to Yoga. Throughout the past 6 years she has been devoted to studying a vast array of alternative healing modalities. Carla is a free soul, nature lover, movement enthusiast and intuitive herbalist. Creating and holding sacred, safe containers for women has been one of her greatest joys in the last couple of years. She has been successfully hosting Workshops at Festivals and Retreats & Events all over Europe.

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