The farm dwelling dates back to 18th century and is an historic buildings in Spagnola district of Marsala City.

Three brothers, two pharmacists and one doctor, have ordered to built this rural house at the end of the 18th century. Two rooms for living, a room used as a granary and a “malaseno” (warehouse) where the barrels with wine were kept.

The facade of the house looks at Erice Mountain and receives the first rays of the sun. In front of the vineyard and to the south-east a large garden with a very high wall where there were fruit trees and some vine plants “damaschina” variety. Two rows of cypress trees sheltered the plants from the west wind. In front of the door of the dining room there is an ancient olive tree and on the right two orange trees.

Former owners of the house

Different families owned the property from the beginning of the 18th century to the 21st century. The farm was blessed with the fertile land which were suitable for vineyard, wheat plantations and olive trees, they were important agricultural productions that gave prosperity to the family.

One of above three brothers, Doctor Don Natale donated the property to his son Giuseppe Alagna towards the end of the 18th century.
Caterina Alagna received the property as a gift from her father Giuseppe Alagna for her wedding with Filippo Rallo with a dowry contract of 8 September 1858.
Maria Lentini received the house from her aunt Caterina Alagna.
Vincenzo Trapani received the property from his mother Maria Lentini in 1959.
Mariella Trapani inherited the property from her father Vincenzo Trapani in 1960.

The beginning of a Sicilian adventure

After our friendship cultivated with Mariella Trapani, on March 2nd, 2009, she was sure that we would be the right person who could keep this house alive with the same attention and affection as much as she and her family felt for, we were able to become new owners. Then we had to research the other owners who had inherited the parts of property during different successions.

The first phase of conservative restoration was about to begin.