We commit to sustainability in a variety of ways, starting with our policies.

Environment Policies

– We provide our guests with bicycles to give transporting options and prevent greenhouse gas emissions.
– Make a responsible waste management to prevent water, air and soil pollution.
– Optimize the use of water and energy, through saving and the use of alternative technologies.
– Keep gardens and structures free of agrochemicals or chemical substances harmful to human and wildlife health.
– Encourage the use of organic fertilizers and the enrichment of soils in a sustainable and natural way.
– Share with visitors, neighbors, suppliers and the team, our knowledge and experiences in environmental issues.
– There are messages and friendly reminders throughout the farm to raise awareness about the conservation of resources such as water and electricity.

Purchasing policies

– Inform and create actions to encourage our suppliers to participate in programs of environmental and social improvement.
– Promote and support sustainable local agricultural producers.
– Reduce waste production and prefer reusable, recyclable or biodegradable products.
– Prefer fresh, natural, organic, seasonal and local products.

Social Policies

– Develop opportunities for the community and contribute to their professional growth.
– Encourage guests to participate in recreational and cultural activities that our community offers.
– Support culture and education programs in our community
– Respect our traditional and existing living cultures in the environment where we are and we operate.

Supporting Local Businesses

– Salinara studies and reviews the characteristics of the products consumed in the Farm and the sustainability value they have.
– We are constantly searching for companies committed to the environment and the community in which they operate.
– Our gift shop offers a wide range of handmade articles to promote local artwork and artists.
– Smaller is better! We strive to support small local wine producers.