Adzenture Yoga Retreat

Seeking Bliss Sicily.

June 1 – 7, 2024

Yoga Retreat with D’Andrea Holiday
Spend a magical week in the enchanting landscape of Sicily basking in the sunshine of the Mediterranean on this 6 night/7 day Yoga & Meditation Retreat.

Join your hosts, Dee and Daniela on a journey of a lifetime to the Italian island of Sicily where we’ll swim in warm Mediterranean waters along rugged and sandy coastlines, explore mountaintop sandstone villages, and uncover centuries-old ruins. Your days will be full of mindful movement, meditation, and zero KM locally sourced and locally grown meals prepared by a private chef. You’ll have the opportunity to dig deep and take the journey inward to discover or reaffirm what makes you feel most alive!

The Art of Opening:
This back bending workshop will help you discover how to open from a place of security and strength.

The Master Class:
This hour and a half class will take you on a journey within. Using the qualities of the elements: fire, earth, water and air we will flow through a vigorous practice, ending with a grounding yin practice and time to bliss out in a beautiful meditation


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