Art Farm | Retreat Centre

SALINARA is an Art Farm + Retreat Center offering Inspiration and Community, where people from all walks of life could share their passions, supporting diversity, equity and inclusivity in all forms.

SALINARA was born from Adriano’s love for Art and Yumi’s love for Sicilian Cuisine and good Wine, both as a passion to travel and to share these passions with new friends.

Part experiment and part dream, SALINARA opened its doors in 2009, in a 18th century farmhouse, it’s a way of using Art + Wellness to create unforgettable connections, our retreats are intimate and unique, thanks to our long experience and consciousness in Sicily we keep on refining, always focusing on having fun.

SALINARA has become our therapy and sanctuary, a beautiful refuge where you can decompress and discover meaning, live a slow, healthy, Sicilian life in harmony with nature and with a lovely community of like-minded people, a place of self-love to dream, to learn, to grow, to acquire tools to regain balance.

We have welcomed hundreds of passionate international artists + teachers and leaders in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

Please get in touch if there is anything more you would like to know about SALINARA or the surrounding areas and we will send you an info pack answering all the questions on your mind.

– Yumi & Adriano –

Company details

Contrada Spagnola 135
91025 Marsala [tp] – Italy

P. IVA 02863320814
C. F. 02863320814
REA TP – 202278

CIR 19081011C235687
Codice Identificativo TRS-IT-SIC-48922

We are gratefully appreciated your support to enable us to continue our projects.