International Art Farm

We are a collaborative community of passionate individuals who believe in potentials of Sicily which provides inspiring, authentic and unforgettable experiences.

We organize and host workshops and retreats with selected finest international instructors for participants and strive to identify locations that feature picturesque, historical and emotional landscape.
Our workshops are intimate and unique, thanks to our long experience and consciousness in Sicily we keep on refining, always focus on having fun.

We believe that by offering our communities the chance to engage with and be entertained by a variety of art forms we play a significant role in the cultural, social and economic development of the town.

Salinara has been founded by Yumi Igarashi and Adriano Castroni, a non-profit cultural association, aims and encourages awareness, practice, development and diffusion of cultural activities through art in all its forms.

Our key objectives are to:

– Be open and accessible to all
– Inspire, stimulate and support creativity
– Facilitate the transformative intersection of ideas
– Offer learning opportunities across all age groups
– Optimize and share the use of our resources
– Work in partnership with other organizations

To achieve our aims, we organize:

– Art workshops
– Yoga retreats
– Sicilian cooking class
– Cultural events and experiences
– Art exhibitions
– Wine tasting for local community

Support us

Salinara is a Registered Charity Organization No.91035910818.
We are gratefully appreciated your donation to enable us to continue our mission.