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Villa Salinara, a hidden treasure.

In a part of Sicily that is still undiscovered by mass tourism lies VILLA SALINARA. The VILLA is located on the coast, surrounded by antique salt marshes, vineyards, and olive groves. This charming historic villa was built in the end of 1700, and is situated at the edge of a Natural Preserve and Lagoon.
The house consists of a central body, and 4 private apartments.
Through the vegetable garden, and orchard you have access to the apartments. Each apartment has its own private kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor area.
All the rooms exude a Mediterranean atmosphere, a journey through the sensations and colours of Sicily. The interior has been restored with local natural materials, and is furnished in traditional Sicilian country style, with items that show total respect for the history and background of things. VILLA SALINARA is surrounded by nature and culture, and is a few steps from the sea. Time flows slowly, away from the increasing pace of the big cities. It is a place of indisputable charm, surrounded by thousands of colours from the salt pans at sunset, with rare pink flamingos that hover between the old windmills.