Trapani. Wind, salt and tuna fish.

The ancient city lies between the sea and Mount Erice, along the great harbor where they lived for centuries, fishermen, traders and craftsmen. The Phoenicians in the ninth century Trapani became an important commercial port.

Trapani, city halls and sailing brings the sounds and smells Africa. The coasts are surrounded by salt marshes, a natural reserve, a miracle created by the sea and wind with the warm sun of Sicily.
Known throughout the world for sacred events of Mysteries occurring every year on Good Friday of Lent.

The local cuisine dishes featuring fish, particularly tuna, given the close proximity to the sea, but also the influence from the Arabs with the locals have maintained historically significant maritime trade.

The influence of Arabic culture of Trapani has left deep traces not only in architecture but also in the kitchen and, in particular confectionery art.

Do not miss the couscous fish and cannoli with ricotta cheese.