Francesco Fontana

Sketching and painting in West Sicily.
Sep 29-Oct 6, 2018


September 29 – October 6, 2018 – Francesco Fontana
A workshop aimed at anyone with a passion for watercolour and oil painting.

Join Francesco Fontana for this magic watercolor workshop first time in Marsala. Staying at Salinara, an historic country villa built in the 1700s, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, with sunset views of the Mediterranean.

Francesco Fontana is a professional artist with many years experience in oil, watercolor, acrylic and dry media. After art school, he followed a bohemian dream and started his artist journey in bohemian Paris, making a living by drawing tourists’ portraits. In the years to follow, he exhibited his art in Italy and France and his paintings are now in many private collections in Europe, USA and Asia.

Before becoming a full time painter, Francesco worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for International cultural events such as theatre, classic music, jazz festivals, and symphonic orchestras. Other specialty works include large watercolor renderings for major architectural projects in the Middle-East.

Since 2008 Francesco is the co-founder and director of Fare Pittura Atelier, based in Milan Italy, where he teaches regular classes, of watercolor, oil and life drawing. He travels intensivly as a workshop instructor and presenter. Frequent painting destinations include Provence, Paris, Giverny, Normandy, Sicily, Umbria, Puglia – Invitations include Bali, Indonesia, and USA.

He’s a stage and field faculty member at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in Monterey, CA and Tucson, AZ also exhibiting in the expo space. Exhibited in the 148th American Watercolor Society in New York’s Salmagundi Club and at International Watercolor Society’s International Meeting in Fabriano, Italy. He’s the juror, lecturer and workshop leader for the fall convention of the Watercolor Society of Oregon in 2016. Appearances in the press include Plein Air Magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur, The Artist — UK.

His DVD ‘Watercolor the Italian Way — The Alla Seconda Method’ was released in 2016 by leading publisher Liliedhal in the USA.

Francesco received his BFA in Palermo, Italy where he was born. He extended his education with further years of study with Italian Masters as Maiotti, Lissoni and Pelizzoni. Later he met several International artists who broadened his technique and vision remarkably. Francesco has started his career in Paris, has lived in London and is fluent in English and French as well as his native Italian. He’s the loving father of two little girls: Teresa and Flora.

Testimonials: students say wow!

Wow! The best workshop I’ve ever attended; thanks Francesco! I love your quite calm and your sense of humor. I will take that with me and try to emulate in my own teaching. And now practice, practice, practice! — Beth Verheyeden

This was a fantastic workshop that you did! Your instruction was excellent on value, composition, color, brushwork and more. Not only the information, but the reason behind the principles of developing good artwork. Your demos were excellent and even better you spent a lot of time with each of us, providing personal counsel tailored to our style and abilities. Bravo and grazie! — Cathy Cramer

I appreciated the discussion on how to connect the mind / thought / feeling with the mechanical process. Most workshops are only about the mechanics. Every brushstroke matters, yes. But the 99 stroke exercise brings that home. I like that you have a daily lesson plan. Many do not. And you are flexible, call for questions and respond well. Language is not a barrier. Francesco, you are one of the few instructors I would like to take again. Thank you — Sandra Pierce

You are a great teacher because you are constantly learning yourself. — Kylene Kirchem

You offered us lots of valuable information with lots of examples. I liked that you asked us for feedback every morning and recapped the important info from the previous day. You were very amenable to showing us how to paint any type of subject. I liked the color gamma lesson and using limited strokes in a painting. I have many things to work on now, thank you so much! — Jansi King

Francesco you are a great teacher, generously sharing your knowledge with us in simple, understandable language. Thank you very much! — Juara

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Francesco Fontana