Doug and Mary Lee

A Watercolor and culinary workshop
in wild west Sicily.


November 4-11, 2020 – Doug Turman and Mary Lee Larison “SIXTH EDITION”
THE ARTFUL LIFE. A Watercolor and culinary workshop in western Sicily.

Join Doug Turman and Mary Lee Larison for a creative and relaxing watercolor and culinary workshop in Marsala. In this week long workshop you will explore multiple ways of creative expression, primarily through watercolor painting and cooking.

Doug Turman is an accomplished painter of watercolor, oil, and acrylic. He has exhibited in galleries and museums, and has works on all seven continents. He has taught at the University level and as a workshop instructor. His philosophy of teaching seeks to accommodate students of all levels, helping them find their individual creative strengths and deeper levels of expression through observation and enjoyment of the art of painting.

Mary Lee Larison is a passionate cook and culinary explorer, having worked in professional kitchens and as an avid “student” of master chef’s in the US and Italy. Her teaching style brings enthusiasm and a desire to share her experience with others. To participate in the “culture of the kitchen” is at the core of her culinary philosophy.

For over 16 years Doug and Mary Lee ran a successful contemporary art gallery in Helena, Montana, each year traveling to different parts of Italy to enhance their love of Italian culture and cuisine. Now their passion is to share their love of Italy with friends and students alike and to help others create an Artful Life.

The Artful Life Workshop aims to demonstrate that all of your experiences influence you, an what better influence than a week in Sicily? The circle is completed when you find that the experiences during your time painting and cooking – discovery, overcoming fears, learning, risk taking, freedom – can be expressed in other aspects of your life.

All abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend. Watercolor painting is basically very simple – paint, water & paper. Easy to start, difficult to master. The challenge is part of the enjoyment. You will do fine, especially if you are a total beginner.

For more advanced painters, your issues are almost 80% psychological in my experience. “I want to loosen up” is a common goal. This usually requires looking at some work habits that may over time have become more limiting than productive. The length of the workshop will allow enough time to give these issues the personal attention they require.

Whether you prefer a “hands on” experience in the kitchen or would rather observe, you will always be welcome in the kitchen! With the help of Mary Lee, and a few of her Italian cooking friends, we will create delicious meals to share. Locally sourced ingredients paired with a variety of Sicily’s delicious wines will be a highlight at each meal.

Several day trips have been arranged to explore the natural beauty of Sicily, its rich history and unforgettable landscape.

Our hope is that you will come away rejuvenated, with a joyful sense of the pleasures of creativity and good company.

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